Welcome to the first Alpine Lifestyle Hotel in the world

The history of the Jungbrunn is inseparably linked to the Tannheimer Tal; distinguishing itself by the powerful combination of innovative spirit and traditional awareness. Hotel elements such as wood, felt, stone, and water come from Tyrolean nature and every detail has its meaning. To live the Alpine Lifestyle during your holiday and to enjoy every moment in the Tyrolean mountains – this is the Jungbrunn feeling.

The Gutheinz family and the Jungbrunn team


The architecture of the Jungbrunn blends into the panorama of the Tannheimer mountains and unites Tyrolean originality, casual luxury, and Alpine Lifestyle. Precious Tyrolean materials such as unique woods, deer skin, loden, and actual cowbells fuse tradition and trend and let you experience the combination in every detail.


The first ski lift in the Tannheimer Tal

In 1957, Raimund Gutheinz had a revolutionary idea – he built the first ski lift in the Tannheimer Tal. As a wheelwright, he even constructed the equipment for it – the legendary Gutheinz ski with the slogan “Ob Hase oder Renngenie, alle fahren den Gutheinz-Ski”. (“Whether you are a rabbit or a racing genius – everyone goes skiing with the Gutheinz ski”).

The villagers did not believe that tourists would actually come to the snow-covered slopes. However, the success has proven the visionary Raimund Gutheinz right. Skiing and nature lovers discovered what is probably the most beautiful high valley in Europe – and were thrilled.


Scandal in the valley

Just two years later, Elisabeth and Raimund Gutheinz expanded the Skiwasser cottage, where they sold ski passes. A prestigious architect from Garmisch-Partenkirchen designed the super modern lift café with a round, flat roof. This innovative design provoked a scandal in the valley and therefore, they had to stop the construction work.

Nevertheless, Elisabeth and Raimund Gutheinz did not get discouraged. With his own hands and hard work, Raimund finally connected the house to the local sewage system.


The new bunk beds

By 1962, Elisabeth and Raimund Gutheinz were able to expand the lift café and added beds. There were 10 bunk beds for the guests – and it was always a surprise who else was going to be sleeping in the same room with you.

What a difference compared to the Jungbrunn of today. Our guests can choose from 81 rooms in 12 categories with 175 beds. Sleep well!


Opening of the Jungbrunn

The energetic work by Elisabeth and Raimund Gutheinz pays off. In the beginning of 1975, they managed to transform the lift café with only a few beds into a real hotel – the Jungbrunn. Its name comes from properties and fields around the Jungbrunn – they have always been called Jungbrunn.

There is no other name that would be better suited for this hotel. At this dream location and on the sunny elevation of the Tannheimer Tal, we now have 110 beds and the dancing bar Taverne available to our guests.


Comfort(house) & tennis

Elisabeth and Raimund Gutheinz continue their success story. In 1982, they open the comfort house with almost 50 beds, which integrates itself harmonically into the panorama of the Tannheimer Mountains.

In Austria and Germany, more and more people become fans of the sport tennis. The Jungbrunn takes this trend into account and sport enthusiastic guests can now use the new Indoor Tennis Court and Outdoor Tennis Courts. From this point on the Jungbrunn was called the Play Fit Jungbrunn Hotel.


A new Jungbrunn generation

Exactly 35 years after the first turn of the sod for the ski lift, Markus and Ulrika Gutheinz take over the Jungbrunn as a new generation.

Together, Markus and Ulrika improve the Jungbrunn with numerous innovations – all of this under a new slogan: “Holidays like milk and honey.”


New – wellness at the Jungbrunn

Markus Gutheinz proves quickly that he has inherited the feeling for trends from his father. With the construction of the Jungbrunn SPA, he gives the impulse for the new change into a wellness hotel for sophisticated guests.

On 444 m² he builds the first private thermal facilities in Tirol. High quality and natural materials characterize the swimming pond and the bathing biotope under open skies. This is where you can take a bath while enjoying a breathtaking view of the mountains.


Shopping & Alpine Lifestyle

Wally's Gwand – that's the name of the new boutique in the Jungbrunn. This is where guests will be able to find traditional attire and popular fashion of international and Austrian designers. The design also reflects the alpine lifestyle – with alpine materials such as loden, unique woods, felt, and linen.

Wally's Gwand is complemented by the Zuckerl – the alpine version of a romantic souvenir shop with beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones back home. The disco Jenseits is the perfect place for our guests to turn the night into day.


SPA & culinary experiences

Swimming and relaxing under the open sky - our guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountain panorama in the new, heated Saltwater Bath and on the new Panoramic Lounger Gallery.

In addition, the tennis house gets turned into the À-la-carte Tyrolean Inn Was Guat's vom Berg - put together with various, original 300-year-old rooms. In the middle of antique furniture and lovingly chosen alpine accessories, the friendly Jungbrunn team will bring you freshly created Tyrolean treats with ingredients from the region of Tirol.


Restaurant terrace with mountain view

Is there anything more beautiful than sitting on the terrace in good company and enjoying life? That's exactly what Markus and Ulrika Gutheinz thought and acquired a cozy wooden terrace for the Tyrolean Inn Was Guat's vom Berg. Taste the savoury and sweet specialities outside with a view on the mountains. In the evening, small fires bathe the surroundings in a warm light.

Only one year later, the new cottage offers additional space for more happy guests.


Earth Sauna and Natural Pond

The new Earth Sauna on almost 2,000 m² combines the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. To get there you have to pass walls made out of brushwood in order to reach a room full of ambience with rustic wooden benches inside. In the middle, there is a huge steaming vessel above hot stones. A natural waterfall and the Jungbrunn's Natural Spring Pond with impressive findings from glaciers from the Pitztal and water from our own Jungbrunn spring ensure that you can cool down again. Around it you can relax on Lounge chairs with an unique mountain view.


Lift museum & Alpine lounge

The new lift museum shows parts of the development of the Jungbrunn and of the life in the Tannheimer Tal. History can be experienced at the original place of the former Junbrunn ski lift where you can find the restored pulley, an original Gutheinz ski, and historic black and white photographs.

The modern counterpart is the light flooded alpine lounge. Big and comfortable sofas are perfect for having coffee, drinks, and a good conversation.


Cottage suites, Wein x 1 & SPA

Tyrolean originality blends in with casual luxury in the 10 cottage suites – the walls are covered with finest loden and natural woods, additionally, granite bathrooms refine the style of the Jungbrunn.

The two new gems make it perfect – the vinotheque Wein x 1 in the former disco Jenseits and the Mental Room with wooden sprung floor and chromotherapy. It is now time to announce the new era of the Jungbrunn.


Alpine Lifestyle in the Kaminhalle

Red loden now garnishes the benches in the Kaminhalle and forms a nice contrast to the comfortable black leather seats and modern silver lamps. Wood as well as black and white photographs decorate the walls. You might be lucky and find a blaze crackling in the fireplace.

Alpine lifestyle as far as you can see – the perfect place for a welcoming drink on the day of your arrival. Enjoy sparkling wine or juice and fully arrive at the Jungbrunn.


Big changes

In the beginning of 2007, the fitness studio opens with 300 m² of training space on two floors. Starting in autumn, in the middle of the biggest construction section of Jungbrunn history, the new lobby with a material swing wall, the new SPA reception desk, 27 rooms and suites, the Jungbrunn Kulinarium and the expansion of Wally's Gwand are built in record time.

The Gutheinz family establishes successfully the first Alpine Lifestyle Hotel in the world with this architectural firework. This is also underlined by the new modern logo.


Panoramic lounger gallery & sauna world

The new Panoramic Lounger Gallery and Sauna World radiate the alpine lifestyle – the components for the new Lounger Gallery are high-quality woods, self-designed loungers and a lot of light – for a new form of relaxation. A lot of space to lie down or small islands – everyone can find their own favourite place.

Additionally, the Sauna World gets a facelift in the record time of only seven days – in the alpine lifestyle with lamps made out of rock crystals, walls in a granite look, pearl chains made out of high-grade steel, and glass tile.


Luxurious, new SPA suites

The new SPA suites offer a luxurious ambience for special moments of well-being as a couple. Finest craftsmanship and alpine design flow into the individual room concepts of partner, bathing, and massage rooms, as well as relaxation and rest areas.

Among the high quality components are stone pine loungers filled with rock crystal and rose quartz, futuristic treatment chairs in the PEDI SPA, complex electro and water installations, and fabric panels with lady fern in the massage forest.


Stammhaus, pools & wellness

In the short period of two months, the Stammhaus rooms and suites get the new Jungbrunn look and the Jungbrunn SPA gets expanded. It now includes the Outdoor Whirlpool to relax and the heated 20 m Terrazzo Outdoor Pool on 7,000 m².

The Jungbrunn spring gets an impressive location in the centre of the new wellness relaxation island. Its outer design is inspired by an eagle's nest. In a glass cylinder extending on three floors, the spring reaches the sun light before the water flows through the precious rock crystals and unfolds its power.


Jungbrunn Alpine Lifestyle Shopping

Every day, you can discover new, lovingly chosen things at the Jungbrunn. These details are what make the Jungbrunn so special – and many guests express the wish to take one or another piece home with them.

The new Alpine Lifestyle Shop at our hotel allows you to take the Jungbrunn home. It is the place to find expressive items and hand crafted accessories from the Jungbrunn manufactory. Take a look at our online shop before your holiday.

Jungbrunn family & team

Meet your hosts: The Gutheinz family and the Jungbrunn team. Each one of them lives the Jungbrunn philosophy. We put our whole heart into it in order for you to enjoy the moment - from the very first minute up to the last second of your holiday.

  • Claudia


  • Osman


  • Vincent


  • Ingrid Payr

    Head Chef Jungbrunn Wirtshaus

  • Markus Gutheinz

  • Ulrika Gutheinz

  • Marcel Gutheinz

  • Michael

    Reception desk

  • Viviana Gutheinz

  • Bert Willkomm


  • Leopold Urban

    Direktionsassistent, Guest Realtion Manager

  • Claudia Sartori

    Head of Marketing

  • Lisa


  • Dagmar Lechletiner

    Head of Reception

  • Marlies Lesacher

    Head of Alpine Lifestyle Shops

  • Michaela

    Head of Sport

  • Ralf

    Reception desk

  • Carmen

    Reception desk

  • Marc

    Reception desk

  • Mario

    Reception desk

  • Marina

    Reception desk

  • Nina

    Reception desk

  • Ramona

    Reception desk

  • Marisa

    Reception desk

  • Arjan

    Reception desk

  • Christine


  • Steffi

    Reception desk

  • Berta


  • Anna

    Reception desk

  • Annett


  • Tomas


  • Dragana


  • Sabrina Stefanie


  • Cornelia


  • Melinda


  • Marlies


  • Brigitte (Gitti)


  • Alexander


  • Tomas


  • Jacqueline


  • Lucia


  • Zsolt


  • Tahia


  • Julia


  • Joseph


  • Felix


  • Matthias


  • Milan


  • Max


  • Rastislav


  • Nedim


  • Ulrich


  • Pascal


  • Lukas


  • Christoph


  • Simon


  • Marco


  • Tsunay


  • Manuel

    Public house

  • Patrick

    Public house

  • Mareike

    Public house

  • Fabian


  • Sabrina

    Alpine Lifestyle Shops

  • Annette

    Alpine Lifestyle Shops

  • Elisabet

    Alpine Lifestyle Shops

  • Gül Ceren

    Alpine Lifestyle Shops

  • Katja


  • Petra


  • Gabriele

    Head of Ayurveda

  • Andreas

    Head of Massage & Therapie

  • Gerhard


  • Ilona


  • Kathi


  • Beate


  • Madeleine


  • Alper


  • Stefanie


  • Tunay Koruk (Lilly)


  • Nuray


  • Rabiye


  • Tugba


  • Zahide


  • Brigitta


  • Zsolt-Lajos


  • Lüfti


  • Sinan


  • Markus

    Building services

  • Marko

    Building services

  • Günther

    Building services

  • Katja


  • Christian


  • Stefan


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