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€ 96,00 per person from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm including breakfast and light meals buffet in the afternoon (Vitale Brotzeit)

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Packages and treatments

Our packages offer ready-to-go holidays with different focus points such as romance, wellness, or sport. Or would you prefer individually arranged SPA treatments? This is where you can arrange your wellness program according to your wishes.

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Beauty & Care

Jungbrunn Professional Nail SPA

Jungbrunn Teen SPA

Men's SPA - For men only!

Jungbrunn-Special for pregnants

Facial Treatments

Whole Body and partial Body Treatments

Individual Treatments


Sport & Health


Personal Training

Individual relaxation programs

Power Plate

Cardio fitness check

Strength fitness check

Health check



Personal Training


Mobility for rent

Massage & Therapy

Orthodox-medical treatments

Treatments from all over the World

Treatments in the Haslauer treatment bench

Bathing - in special atmosphere


SPA Deluxe

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