Pure wellness at the Jungbrunn SPA

When body, spirit, and soul are in harmony, anything is possible. At the Jungbrunn SPA you will find your balance with treatments from three powerful pillars - Beauty & Care, Massage & Therapy, and Ayurveda. On 7,800 m², with a Sauna World, Pool Area, and private SPA suites, you can leave your daily routine behind.

Jungbrunn SPA at a glance

The 7.800 m² spa experience for HER and HIM. 
A bath in fresh mountain spring water with panoramic
views of the scenic Tyrolean mountains ...

2. Ground Floor
  1. SPA
  2. Regenerationbath – Tepidarium
  3. Salt-Grotto
  4. Harmony Steambath
  5. Steam-Chamomille-Grotto
  6. Finnish Sauna
  7. Kneipp-Basin
  8. Steam Castle
  9. Application Boths
  10. Solarium
  11. Tea Bar
  12. Lying Island
  13. Lying Gallery
1. Ground Floor
  1. SPA Rezeption, Foyer, Termine & Beratung
  2. Eingangsbereich SPA und Schwimmbad
  3. Nachruhe Zirben-Bereich
  4. SPA Suite
  5. SPA Suite
  6. Pedi-SPA
  7. Hallenbad (29 °C)
  8. Salzwasserinnenpool mit Massagedüsen (34 °C)
  9. Salzwasseraußenpool mit Sprudelliegen (34 °C)
  10. Duschen
  11. Panoramaliegegalerie
  12. Treppe zum SPA Bereich
  13. Badebiotop
  14. Außenliegebereich
2. Ground Floor
  1. Jungbrunn Source Natural Pond
  2. Panorama Lying Gallery
  3. Earth Sauna
  4. Natural Waterfall
  5. Grevel Path
  6. Panorama Terrace
  7. Outdoor Whirlpool
  8. Terrazzo Outdoor Pool
  9. Panorama Bath
  10. Private SPA
  11. Floating
  12. Waiting Relax Lounge
  13. Wellness(t) Relaxing Island
  14. Infrared Cavity
  15. Water / Tea Bar

Jungbrunn Spring

Crystal clear, pure mountain water from deep within the mountain wells from the Jungbrunn spring. It bubbles into the daylight at the heart of the Jungbrunn wellness. Filtered by noble rose quartz and rock crystal, it then reveals its full power. Try the delicious water from the Jungbrunn and embrace it from within you. There is a reason why the Jungbrunn has its name from the Alpine Spring.

Massage & Therapy

Our well trained and caring therapists will pamper you - Alpine (therapeutic) massage rituals from the Tyrolean Mountains, massages from all over the world, the floating-water-bed and relaxing or reviving baths. They fit in perfectly with the concept of the Jungbrunn wellness philosophy for unlimited well-being.

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Beauty & Care

The secret of beauty lies in individually adjusted care. Our experienced cosmeticians are additionally trained as skin therapists and will recommend the right treatment for you - everything from Facial and Body Treatments, Men's SPA to SPA Specials for mothers-to-be.

The Jungbrunn Body Care Line which is based on our precious Jungbrunn spring water turns your beauty ritual into a unique experience and gives it an exceptionally soft touch. Take home the king of care – your very own fountain of youth. A sample of these premium products is already waiting for you in your room.

Combine traditional formulas with modern technology and you get the Ligne St. Barth. Enjoy the scent of pure oils, fresh fruits, and caring creams. Solely natural ingredients are used in these products, which are exclusively produced on the Caribbean Island St. Barthélemy. Feel the touch of the Caribbeans on your skin.

Scientifically proven, effective and luxurious - thanks to fast visible results, the products and treatments from ERICSON LABORATOIRE fulfill even the most demanding treatment requests. Intensive ingredients ensure a long-lasting rejuvenation and regeneration of your skin. You do not need a scalpel to visibly beautify your skin.

Beauty is Life: decorative cosmetic with personality. The founder Beatrix Isabel Lied is the best known make-up artist and clinical cosmetician in Germany. She developed a revolutionary, differentiated type-model and never ceases to surprise you with fresh impulses for her innovative make-up line.

Sauna World

The Jungbrunn Sauna World includes various saunas: the Earth Sauna, Tepidarium, Saltwater Mist Grotto, Harmony Steam Bath, Steam Chamomile Grotto, Finnish Sauna, Steam Castle, and the Infrared Cave. Which one is your favorite?

SPA Deluxe


Indulge yourselves as a couple and enjoy memorable hours in our luxurious SPA suites or your individual treatments.


Make an exclusive reservation of the SPA suites (can be booked for up to 6 people).


While floating in highly concentrated salt water, you will feel absolutely weightless.


A perfect day at the Jungbrunn: Enjoy a pleasant breakfast, use all of the 7,000 m² of the Jungbrunn SPA throughout the day, and strengthen yourself with a vitalizing afternoon snack. A wonderful idea for a present ...

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Pool Area

At the Jungbrunn SPA, you can swim under open skies with a breathtaking mountain view throughout all four seasons. Dive into and enjoy the fantastic view from the heated Outdoor Terrazzo Pool, Outdoor Saltwater Bath, Jungbrunn Natural Spring Pond, Outdoor Whirlpool, Indoor Swimming Pool, or Bathing Biotope.

SPA Awards

The Jungbrunn SPA is unique. The awards the Jungbrunn SPA won prove that this opinion is shared by our guests and expert juries. Nevertheless, we do not rest on our laurels, on the contrary, we already have many new ideas for the Jungbrunn SPA.

    Only the best SPA hotels in the German speaking area of Europe can hope for the Wellness Aphrodite. In 2014, the Jungbrunn SPA earned this desired award in the main category “Overall Concept”.

    Find out more about the Wellness Aphrodite Award >

    The “Oscar“ of the wellness branche goes to the Jungbrunn! At the European Health & SPA Award 2012, the Jungbrunn SPA was nominated two times in the category of “Best Destination SPA”, as well as “Best SPA ManagerIn“

    Information about the European Health & SPA Award >

    The Jungbrunn was able to take home the award from one of the biggest and most important competitions of the beauty and wellness branche - the Gala Spa Award in the category “Innovative Spa Concept“. A very rewarding moment for the Jungbrunn SPA.

    Everything you need to know about the Gala Spa Award >

Jungbrunn Spa Etiquette

Experience the Jungbrunn SPA as a source of recreation. It is the place to relax and do something good for yourself. The use of the Jungbrunn SPA is free of charge for our house guests (does not include SPA treatments).

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